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Dentists throughout the world are reporting an increase in the incidence of bruxism in patients and the Bruxism Association have seen a huge increase in enquiries from people wanting advice and support.

Although there is controversy regarding the causes and treatment of bruxism, one thing is clear, teeth and dental work can suffer terrible damage if they are not protected.

You may not have considered offering a ready to wear bruxism protection device to your clients before, but we urge you to be open minded and review all the facts. Please watch our video which shows why thousands of US dentists routinely prescribe the award winning SleepRight dental guard. This innoviative device has undergone extensive examination by the FDA and British Dental Health Foundation and is available as a prescription and over the counter without prescription in many US retail pharmacies.

Please check out the information on this site and then call us if you need further information. We will be pleased to help.

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leftIt can be a very serious condition if left untreated and is certainly the most destructive element of dentistry - Professor David Bartlett 1

leftI have £16K worth of veneers in my mouth so I cannot afford to chip or break them. It would be a disaster... - Susanright