SleepRight Secure Comfort Dental Guard

sleepright Secure Comfort, is a ready to wear dental guard that is available without prescription. The Secure-Comfort is the standard dental guard that has stood the test of time and will suit the majority of people. It is identical to the Slim-Comfort except that it features stability wings for extra security.

If you are an occasional teeth grinder, the Secure Comfort or the Slim Comfort may be right for you. Chronic teeth grinders may need the Dura Comfort. In all cases, fitting is quick and easy and requires a one time adjustment. For an illustration of the product in action, just check out our video.

Not only can the SleepRight help protect your teeth from expensive dental repairs to replace cracked teeth, loose fillings and other damage, you are also likely to sleep better. Spacing the teeth apart can help take pressure off your TMJ (jaw joint). Since chronic bruxers are more likely to damage their TMJ from bruxism, protecting it makes a lot of sense.

Dentists worldwide recommend the SleepRight.

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